IT support for the education sector

We’ve forged partnerships with education providers for over ten years

We can offer a full IT support package for your school or education centre. We have a wealth of experience working in schools that support pupils with learning difficulties, such as Canto Learning, and we understand that a safe learning environment is paramount. We can provide your school with web monitoring, blocked downloads and restrictive access based on the user login. This ensures that pupils stay safe as they learn, whilst allowing staff the access rights they require.

We’ll perform resets if any computer gets a virus and our intellect computers can wipe unnecessary downloads to make your computers run as efficiently as possible. We can also install Wi-Fi throughout the school and provide IT equipment, donated from our clients, to support your e-learning.

We’re flexible and will work out of school hours to cause as little disruption to learning as possible. Our staff members are DBS checked to give you peace of mind when we work in your school.

  • Comprehensive IT support throughout your school

  • Restrictive access and download blocks to ensure safe learning

  • Out of hours work for minimal disturbance to your school